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SeagleMail. Join the new revolution in Email Transfer via HF.

About Seaglemail

SeagleMail is a program which is designed to allow remote stations without an internet connection to send and receive emails via HF


SeagleMail The easy way to transfer emails via HF.




Read the SeagleMail Primer

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Main Features

  • Pactor II/III/IV.
  • Built in Web Camera support.
  • Built in Email viewer and Composer.
  • Compression uses industry standard ZIP files.
  • Military grade encryption with 256 Bit AES Rijndael.
  • One Click Encryption between SeagleMail stations or addressee with Decryptor program.
  • Secure sending and receiving of Email content.
  • Pain free installation and use.
  • One click reception and sending of Emails.
  • Transceiver support via the PTC.
  • Send Tweets to Twitter from Ship.
  • Receive text info from any URL.
  • Supports Grib weather reports.
  • Pick up mail from any account (Beta).
  • Voice anouncment of frequency, connects etc.
  • Supports HTML mail.
  • WikiPedia and Google search Integration.
  • Can be made to work with any Email provider. including SSL support.
  • New: Full support of the new SCS Dragon 7800/7400.


Commercial inquires welcome


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